Why “5500 Feet”?

Credit goes to my website consultant Dan Buettner, who suggested, because I’m a pilot and flight instructor, using an altitude for a clever email address, hence “joel@5500feet.com”.

Pilots will recognize 5500 feet as a eastbound cruising altitude under Visual Flight Rules. So the airplane in the logo is flying east, about a mile above it all. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry drew the star in 1943.

In black and white, the logo is like an ink-blot test, with different people making different interpretations. It’s deliberately ambiguous. Is the airplane flying toward you, or away from you? Taking off, or landing? Are the converging lines a runway, or farm fields? It depends on your assumptions.

But the view from 5500 feet shows you the big picture, plus a different perspective on details below. And you can see new opportunities further out over the horizon.